Easter in the Classroom

I work in a Christian school and I love it. I love being able to talk about my faith all day, and play my favourite worship songs as my students work.  I have had so many incredible conversations with students about their

big questions

, and worries, and it's great to be able to point them back to The Word in all things.

Of all of the holidays, Easter is one of the 'big ones' in my classroom.  Teaching at a Christian school allows me to stray further from the theme of

bunnies, eggs, and chicks

 (however cute they may be!) and focus on the story of new life through Jesus' sacrifice.

This year, to tie our Bible lessons into our Language Arts, we are going 'in depth' into the s

ymbols seen in the Easter Story

in the New Testament.

Following this complete plan, we have been learning about Jesus by actually

reading our Bibles

, and spending time in Bible study! All of the reading is from the New Living Translation of the Bible, and it's the perfect level for my third grade students.  I love that they can 'dive into' The Word on their own!

Then, we craft!  In my third grade classroom, Art is a tie-in to almost every subject, and my students love getting crafty.   Check out our

Symbols of the Easter Story


The whole Easter unit is available

HERE  from my Teachers Pay Teachers store


I've also created a special

free version

 of the craft for my lovely blog readers.  You can find that



Let me know, how do you prepare for Easter in your classroom?  Any tips or great resources to share?  Sound off in the comments below!

- Rachel