We are Bucket Fillers! (Freebie)

Students in my class are practicing being bucket fillers!  The concept of being a bucket filer comes from Carol McCloud’s Book 

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


How Full Is Your Bucket (For Kids)

 by Tom Rath.  It stems around the idea that everyone carries around an invisible bucket that, throughout the day, is being filled by the kind things that you do for others or that others do for you.  A bucket filler is someone who is showing positive character traits (kindness, compassion, care, respect, consideration for others), and is being a responsible citizen. When our buckets are full, we feel happy.   When our buckets are empty, we feel sad. 

For the next few weeks, we will be learning about different qualities that bucket fillers and bucket dippers exhibit.  We will be continuously reading and re-reading bucket filling books  so that students are able to really grasp the concept of bucket filling.  I can wait to have students start practicing being being bucket fillers in the classroom, and encouraging students to be bucket fillers at home! 

Our bucket filling bulletin board.  It's a great visual reminder of the bucket filling that I can see occurring in the classroom. 

Teachers: I have created an entire unit to kick start this kindness campaign on Teachers Pay Teachers  that is available for download now.  The unit is designed to be done over 3 weeks, has 6 unique lessons, a teaching guide, bulletin board templates, and interactive games!  Check it out

here in my TpT store


or checking out my blog today, I have an awesome freebie for you.  One part of the Bucket Filling unit is a

'Bucket Filling, Bucket Dipping'

sorting activity.  You can use it as a drama game in your class, as a sorting activity in small groups, or as independent work.  There is a sorting mat included!

Bucket Filler Freebie for Blog Readers (Click!)

Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Update July 2016:  This is absolutely my favourite resource.  I love the way it created a classroom community focused so deliberately on kindness and putting others first. We will be starting it again in September, and I can't wait to use my #BestResourceEver with my new class of grade threes!