I Love Target

I am Canadian.  Once upon a time we had Target, and it was glorious.  But only a few short years later our Targets closed, and I was once again left to venture down to the States for all of my Target purchases.

Luckily, I live in Vancouver, BC, so there is a Target Dollar Spot less than an hour away.  Phew!

This year I have made more than a few quick trips across the border to decorate my classroom and find budget-friendly teaching supplies.

One of the things I


 was my new target calendar.  It was a total winner. However, upon closer inspection, it had a problem.

The calendar started on Monday.


noticed the same problem!

When teaching students to chant, say, and count the days of the week we


 start on Sunday.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

We were totally thrown off by this design.

So I had to make new labels:

New labels for my Target Calendar - print, laminate, and go! (

click here

I tried to design complementary labels.  If you'd like them, they are available for free by clicking



In the comments below, let me know where your Target Calendar is located in your classroom.

Happy September, All!