Five for Friday | June 3rd

Today, my

Five for Friday

 is finally being posted on Friday! What a thought! :)  The chaos of the past seven weeks of weddings, showers, new-curriculum planning, and endless meetings is starting to feel like it has an end date.  Hallelujah!  I have some pretty awesome highlights to share.  Check them out.  Thanks again to

Doodlebugs teaching

for hosting!

the cutest part of my week.

I finally had the time to write the second in my series of posts about the cutest things students have said in the classroom.  

Oh my stars, it is adorable!  

If you need a chuckle,

click here to check it out.

new technology... hip hip hooray!

I was on the committee to help bring new technology into our classrooms for next fall.  This is a

big deal

 for the elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 8) as we have had very little technology (so far). This is all going to change very soon, and I can't wait to see what the kiddos will do with the capabilities to do bigger/better research and inquiry-based projects (with internet access).  Woo hoo!

we love kahoot

In grade three, we love the website/app KAHOOT.  As a teacher, I build quick/easy formative assessments/quizzes, and students log in with iPads/iPhones/iPod touch (or any android/smartphone device as well), and we take the quiz individually or in pairs.  Students are engaged, and I love that I can quickly see who is 'getting it' and who is not.  For fun kahoot also has a sharable 'marketplace' (all "kahoots" are free) where you can


 other users' quizzes. While they may not be relative to your content, it sure is fun to play kahoots like

Guess That Avenger


All About You


getting ready for the end of the year (lists galore)

Here in BC we are in the home-stretch for the end of the year.  I have 13.5 teaching days left of the year.  (But who is counting).  This week I made all of my

to do

 lists to finish the year strong.  Each year I get a bunch of lists ready so that I am largely prepared for September before I walk out of the classroom in June.  It helps me to mentally unwind in the summer, and feel less panicked when the photocopier is inevitably broken in August, or there is suddenly a committee I


be a part of.

These are the lists I try to have going at all times:

  • Student pack up, and things to send home
  • Clean up and organizing jobs students can do
  • Clean up & Tidy for me only
  • Organizing & Prep for Next Year

I keep it all going in a google doc so that way I can add to it

on the go

 from my laptop, phone, or at home computer as I think of new items!  

the celebrations are almost done

This weekend (coming up) marks the end of the wedding season that I am personally responsible for. Up until this point, the hubs and I have been matron of honour and best man in two different back-to-back weddings.  It has been chaos in the Poetker household. While I have absolutely loved celebrating our family and friends, and standing up next to those I love.... I cannot wait to have an evening at home with just my hubby!  

How did your week shape up?  Are you still in the season of many weddings? We have two more to attend, but just as guests from now on!   Have a lovely Friday, and a wonderful weekend!