Five for Friday

I think my Five for Friday may be a regular Saturday occurrence.  I just can't pull it together to blog on Fridays. At school, Friday is GO-GO-GO, and then I get to come home for some much needed time with my hubs.  Or, in the case of yesterday, race through traffic to make my way to the ferry for my little sisters Bachelorette Party.

Fridays are not my down-day.   Saturdays?  I may be able to manage that one ;)

So here are my "five things" for this not-so-Friday!

1 - Wedding DIY Galore

My baby sisters (okay, she is 24) is getting married next Saturday, and I have been put in charge of most things DIY and hand-lettered.   This is just one of a few projects that have taken up my free time.  Thank goodness I love painting and crafting!

2 - Lego Mini Me Self Portraits

We have been making lego self portraits with outfits we

actually own

!  In June, we'll take photos with students matching their Lego mini-me.  I anticipate a cuteness overload!

3 - New Discoveries in my Neighbourhood

I've lived in same house for over a year now, and have always run or walked in and amongst the houses and streets.  This week, I went exploring and found an amazing walking/running trail only a few minutes from my front door.  It's so gorgeous, and is making going outside and working on fitness a lot easier!

4 - A Successful Field Trip

This week we went on a 'big' field trip to Telus Science World in Vancouver and it went really well! We had 12 parent volunteers and 25 students so the ratios were amazing.  My kiddos were so well behaved and we had no emergencies.  A gold-star trip all around.  

5 - Bachelorette

In keeping with the theme of Classroom and Wedding Prep, this weekend is my sisters bachelorette party.  I have been planning events, and coordinating bridesmaids.  I can't wait to celebrate her

last single Saturday!