Five for Friday

This is my first time participating in

"Five For Friday"

, a weekly linky party where a bunch of teachers share about five things from their past week.

Except it's Saturday.... not Friday.

I think that's a little bit indicative of how my week went.  It was amazing, and creative, and wonderful.. but so, so busy and full!  I think I fell asleep at 8:00 last night.  And it was glorious!

Here's a little


 into our jam-packed week in third grade!

1. monday - shape poetry art projects

We finished up our study of "Who I am in Jesus", and students (minus two!)  finally finished up their shape poem Art projects.  I think they look pretty cute. 

2. tuesday - community projects

My students have been working hard on their

community projects

.  I love independent projects because they give students a chance to showcase what they are capable of.  This one is front-loaded work in terms of preparing projects, and folders for each student. But now I'm at the blissful part of watching the project run itself! (And giving one-on-one guidance). 

3. wednesday - baking cookies

Okay, this was exhausting.  But fun.  My third grade students paired up with the tenth grade home economics class to bake M&M cookies.  It was 90 minutes of loud, chaotic, fun.  They had an absolute blast, and no one cried or got hurt.  So it was a win all around! 

4. thursday - multiplication fact quizzes

In an effort to memorize all of our multiplication facts - we have been doing fact drills every other day.  I have offered my students a huge prize if they can do their test faster than I can.  So far, no one has won... but they are getting closer! They shave 2-5 seconds off of their time each time we do a test.  I think I may need to practice my facts at home! 

5. friday - tgif - wedding projects for the little sister

My little sister is getting married in two weeks (!!) and it's all-hands-on-deck to make the diy projects to decorate her big day! My non-teaching, and non-


time is spent painting, crafting, and creating for her big day! 

How was your week?  Any big events in your classroom as you start to prepare for the end of the year?

- Rachel